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"A Visit to Provence"

1st Place 2004 AQS Show, Miniatures, Paducah, KY

1st Place 2004 NQA Show, Lynn Harris Miniatures, Peoria, IL

2nd Place, 2005 IQA, Houston, TX

A Visit to Provence

Photo Courtesy AQS

2003 - Miniature whole cloth quilt, 23" x 23 1/2," original design, cotton batt, silk thread. After looking at photos in books of vintage Provence quilts for many years, I decided to make a list of design elements in many of them that would lend themselves to a miniature design, and then drew this whole cloth quilt. The central formal arrangement was drawn and then traced onto the quilt top, as was the circle for the wreath and the lines for the outer border vines. The feather groups in the border were quilted free hand with no drawing, so they all are a bit different. The quilting fills the spaces created by the vine undulations, much like the actual Provence quilts. Typical fan quilting completes the four corners of the inner square, and the tiny circles, like a string of pearls, in the feathered vine and wreath are based on the same motifs in the original quilts. RJR goldenrod cotton sateen. Quilt was washed and air dried flat.

When I made my first miniature wholecloth quilt in 2000, the first place winner at Paducah was Jessie Harrison with her remarkable hand appliqued miniature, "The Bouquet." I got to know Jessie well, her humor, her passion for "getting small" and enjoyed her company so much. After her unexepected death, I remembered her encouragement to me to make another miniature and made this one in her memory. Thanks, Jessie. I hope it does you proud.







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